Gave all my equipment away and got back into wine making. UWinemaker all in one machine is like no other. Amazing machine, no lifting, no siphoning, no degassing with a electric drill, no filtering, no work. Wine making is fun!
Judy - Victoria, BC
Enjoying “my wine” again thanks to my new little UWinemaker. I was a North Vancouver girl that loved her U brew But I haven’t made wine since I moved to this small community that has no U brew. There was no way I was going to be able to make wine lifting those heavy pails and carboys. I found out about this countertop magic fermenter on a wine making blog and checked out their web site. I am on my very own third wine, one white and two reds, tastes just as good…, actually better, super easy, no mess, saves me lots of brew fees, and takes a lot less time with no appointments. Found their wine making technique page and I am now turning my wine into “my wine”! Crazy good. Love my own little winery Recommend 5 stars
Gail (Small town girl), BC
I meant to send you an e-mail and just got busy. My kudo’s to both of you, customer service beyond what most provide. I bottled my 1st batch on Sunday and it went so smooth I almost can’t believe it. The whole process was so simple, I will be selling my conventional carboy’s and other equipment right away and will just use your system going forward. Winemaker’s everywhere needs to find out about your system.
Terry Kuhl – Drumheller, AB
Just bottled our first Pinot Grigio, tastes yummy already. So darned easy with the U Winemaker, it just sits on the counter in my laundry room (one could easily just store it on a deep shelf). If you’re a wine drinker, I would highly recommend one of these! Just bottle right from the spout- no hoses and no transferring it from another container.
Tinka - Calgary, AB
I used to make wine from the grape with my Dad. It was a labour of love to say the least. I now live in a condo and thought my wine making days were over. My brother offered me a glass of wine and introduced me to the UWinemaker. I took the UWinemaker to try. An amazing piece of equipment, and it fit nicely on my counter. I purchased a full body good quality Red Malbec with grape skins at the wine making store. The entire process was Rock and Roll fun and as easy as he said. And the wine, better than any thing we made with dad. I told him I wasn’t giving it back, so he bought me one. Love you Bro, closer than ever, sharing our wine. Thank you UWinemaker
Laura – Vancouver, BC
Cash counts when you are going to school. We watched our roomie Steve make wine Day 1, Day 14 and Day 28. Now, we all make wine with Steve. UWinemaker is the bomb. $3/Bottle!
Susan - Halifax, NS
How good can a $4 bottle be. Best Chardonnay wine ever! My friends enjoy it so much. I am needing another UWinemaker. ( Birthday present ? ) Recommend the UWinemaker to all that enjoy a glass.
Cheryl Maddison - Swift Current, SK
I love the UWinemaker system, no leaks, no putting it together, no taking it apart just a one piece table top fermenter, very easy and fun. I have another wine making machine with a yeast ball which turned out to be lot of work, I left it in the basement, it looks industrial and leaks. Lots of eyes on the UWinemaker.
Beautiful Wine - Edmonton, AB
I was getting really close to quitting winemaking after 20 years. I still love the quality of my homemade wines, but I was getting really tired of all the work involved, especially when you’re doing it for yourself and two extra buddies! My prayers were answered when I saw an article about the U Winemaker in the Calgary Herald and immediately contacted them to inquire about this revolutionary unit. I purchased one right away and set about testing it and its claims with a white wine kit to see if you could really get a clear wine without racking and filtering. Not only can you do that, but you also cut down the work involved dramatically both in time and effort. I was so impressed with the unit that my two buddies have also purchased them and are moving their winemaking OUT of my basement. I’d call that a win-win for everybody! Thanks Gary and Darlene, this unit is indeed a game changer.
Scott Bennett - Okotoks, AB
Unfortunately, we lived in Edmonton, and UWinemaker was in Calgary. But, when I was in Calgary to see my mom, I stopped in at The Home Vintner, where Gary and Darlene were demonstrating UWinemaker. I bought a kit, hoping that I would be able to remember everything they told me buy the time I got home. “Don’t worry about it,” they said, “we’ll come to your home and show you how to do it.” AND THEY DID! They drove up from Calgary to Edmonton to help us start our first batch! Today we bottled it. And it is so good! My husband is very happy to be able to make wine again. And, when he’s happy, I’m happy! Gary and Darlene are amazing! Thank you for developing this easy wine making system, and for the incredible customer service!
Marie-Jeannie Davie - Edmonton, AB
Hi there, First batch went great, already started the second! It’s so easy to use, and we are super happy we bought it! Thanks so much,
Megan - Calgary, AB
An amazing invention to simplify the art of Craft Winemaking. Who ever thought winemaking could be so easy?
Ellen MacLean - Oakville. ON
Hi Gary We are back making wine again and having fun doing it, thanks to your new product. On our second batch. Good luck with your new venture.
George Perry – Red Deer, AB
Hi Darlene & Gary, I have been making wine for over 30 years and it has never been as easy as my 1st batch with the rock ’n’ roll system. With a poor back, there was not the usual lifting throughout the process, and I have never had such a simple bottling experience. No siphoning, no spills and no mess. It was awesome. The proof is in the wine itself and it did not disappoint, with a perfectly clear batch of red, no off tastes and ready for ageing. Thanks so much for your efforts in developing this system. IT IS A GAME CHANGER! Gratefully,
George - Calgary, AB
I am just completing my second kit. Prior to obtaining the winemaker, I had stopped lifting 23 L carboys from the floor to the counter (I’m 78years old) and was using several different pumps to pump wine from the floor to the counter. This doubled the exposures to air for the wine, which already had several exposures with the usual procedure. The winemaker eliminates all exposures except one brief one during bottling. (one more if you’re filtering) Also, since I’m not using a primary fermenter then transferring to a carboy, the whole operation is so much simpler, eliminating steps that can lead to spills. Since I use my counter for other things besides wine-making, I’ve purchased a second unit so as to make my annual production of 6 to 7 kits go more quickly. I had a small issue (me, not the u winemaker) that I emailed Mr. Novak about. I was astounded when I received a telephone call – back the very next day from Mr. Novak who was vacationing in Australia at the time. That brought new meaning to “customer care”.
Jack Falk - Calgary, AB
Avid Winemaker. All the years the we have been told to rack the wine off the yeast sediment and I have. Now I find out you only need to rack the wine off the pulp sediment when making wine from chopped, crushed, squeezed fruits. I have tried this machine out twice and I am amazed with its compact size, simple winemaking and how clear the wine and clean the flavour with absolutely no signs of oxidization flavours that I got from all that heavy lifting, syphoning and hard messy work. 100% A U Winemaker Fan
Dan - Kelowna, BC
I have completed my 2nd batch and preparing for a third. This has been an extremely efficient, painless, no mess and simple undertaking. I am impressed with the simplicity of the UWinemaker and will recommend the kit to any interested parties. I do have one question, the kits that contain bentonite, can I eliminate this process successfully? Cheers!
Allan – Vulcan, AB
Truly a winemaking break through. One simple compact fermenter. Very clear, extremely clean and true to taste. No heavy lifting and no mess! Recommend the U Winemaker
George S - Fernie, BC
Thank you U Winemaker for 60 bottles of amazing wine so far! 30 bottles of Malbec and 30 bottles of Pinot Grigio for $2.40 a bottle! The color and clarity is brilliant, while the body and flavor has a clean taste with a fresh finish. I was able to craft it myself in the New U Winemaker. The U Winemaker is no work at all and requires only a small space in my condo. My friends and I think that the U Winemaker has brought wine making into the 21st-century.
Dan Walker - Penticton, BC
I have been making wine since 1992, using a combination of primary, carboy, and filtering, taking up to eight weeks. With U Winemaker I am able to go from initial start up to bottling with only one piece of equipment and in the bottle within one month. I have only made one batch so far and one halfway. The first one turned out perfect. Crystal clear with out filtering.
Pat Shea – Olds, AB
I have just started my third kit using the new U Winemaker. In the past I made many kits using conventional equipment. While I enjoyed the final product I lost interest in all the lifting, siphoning, cleaning, and equipment storage and ultimately started buying my wine at the store again. The U winemaker product eliminates so much of the hassle it has made winemaking fun again. There is only one container and once you start you don’t have to lift, siphon or transfer anything until the wine is ready. Even the bottling is simplified, bottling it into the bottles through the tap on the side of the U Winemaker apparatus. Cleaning and sterilizing prior to the next batch is also simple, unlike the old process. So what about the results? My first batch was a Cru International Gewurztraminer bottled on November 4th. I had added ½ pink grapefruit blended and strained into the mix at onset. On December 24th I conducted a blind taste test with my family comparing it to a $17.00 bottle I had purchased. Four out of five preferred the U Winemaker produced wine. I’m back in the game and enjoying both the process and the results.
Bruce M - Calgary, AB
Truly a wine making break through. One simple compact fermenter. Very clear, extremely clean and true to taste. No heavy lifting and no mess! Recommend the U Winemaker
George S - Fernie, BC
Put it on my table, Rock and Roll, works like a dam. Makes great wine. Thanks to you UWinemaker
Shauna – Fredericton, NB
It’s true Just finished making my first wine. As they say the U Winemaker just sits on your counter making your wine for you. Love you U Winemaker
Amy C – Saskatoon, SK