About Us

Gary and Darlene Novak opened Winemaker Wine Co. in 1992. Quickly we became known as a friendly haven of 5 stores helping people in their journey of craft wine making.

We’ve enjoyed the thousands of customers that we helped make quality craft wines at a fraction of the cost.

When we talked with thousands of people of all ages, they said that they would love to make wine, or used to make wine, but were unable to do the heavy lifting, didn’t have the time or room, nor did they want all the work that comes with traditional wine making. Yet most said they liked homemade wine.

We set out to help, and to do so, we had to overcome all of these issues and turn craft wine making into an enjoyable experience.


Back to work, but it didn’t feel like work – “it was exciting, it felt like we were discovering a break through, something brand new, something unique, something that would revolutionize craft wine making.”

We’ve invented a laid sideways, countertop single stage fermenter and a method to streamline the process and overcome all of those issues. Not only did we overcome all of those issues. Our single stage, oxygen free, absolute clean environment produces remarkable aromas and flavours of brilliant, vibrant, clean, tasting wines that are so difficult to achieve with traditional wine making.

Now we have BEAUTIFUL WINE made with lots of FUN!