How the UWinemaker Works
Home Wine Making Made Easy

How the UWinemaker Works
Home Wine Making Made Easy

This pictorial demonstrates the UWinemaker “Rock and Roll” home wine making method in a visual, step by step guide. Our compact Fermentor simply sits on your counter, with Zero lifting, Zero Syphoning, No Mess and No Filtering, creating crystal clear, brilliant, clean tasting wine every time.


Add bentonite
Insert botting tap plug.
Mix and add Bentonite.
Transfer wine kit (clear box to demonstrate)
The wine kit is transferred into the UWinemaker using the UWinemaker transfer hose. (clear box to demonstrate)
UWinemaker: Fast Ferment Home Wine Making System
With the UWinemaker on its front raised tilted position add quality tap or bought water to the fill dot level. A cavity space remains in the fermenter.
Optional ingredients such as grape skins and oak
Optional solid ingredients such as oak chips and grape skins are loosely contained in muslin bag(s), tied, then added Day 1 removed Day 10.
UWinemaker: Rock N Roll Home Wine Making
Rock and Roll
the UWinemaker to mix and introduce Air-Oxygen into the wine must in support of a healthy fermentation start.
Yeast initiates fermentation
Yeast initiates fermentation. Heavier emitted fermentation CO2 gas purges the Air -Oxygen out of the cavity space. CO2 is released and retained by the airlock.

STEP 2 – Rock and Roll (DAY 14)

Day 14 - Fermentation complete
Fermentation should be complete.
Evaluate dryness
Using the sampling tube retrieve some wine  and  evaluate dryness.
Stabilizers and 2 Super-Kleer
metibisulphite (sulphite) and potassium sorbate.
Clearing agents
2 Kieselsol and 2 Chitosan.
Individually add and mix stabilizers / 2 Super-Kleer
The cavity space is filled with friendly CO2 gas.
Individually add and individually Rock and Roll to mix stabilizers , clearing agents and degas the wine.
UWinemaker: Rock N Roll Home Wine Making
  Rock and Roll         4 Sets of
1  Min. Rock and Roll
3  Min. Pause
1  Min. Rock and Roll
creating agitation and splashing to individually mix and thoroughly degas the dissolved fermentation CO2 out of the body of the wine.
Leave, rest and clear
CO2 gas is retained within the cavity space by the airlock.
The wine is left to rest and clear at the edge of the counter.


U Winemaker front elevated resting position
UWinemaker resting at the edge of the counter.
Sediment is drawn back
UWinemaker’s front raised tilted position draws the wine’s sediment to the back of the fermenter.
Day 24 - Remove bottling tap plug
Day 24 
Gently reach in and remove the bottling tap plug.
U Winemaker lowered bottling position
Day 24 
Gently slide the UWinemaker forward onto its lower botting ledge.
The wine is left again to rest and clear.
Day 28 - Evaluate clarity
Day 28
Take  three individual  4 oz – 100 ml samples to clear the tap of sediment.
Evaluate the wine’s clarity.
Bottle wine
Day 28
Bottle Brilliant, Vibrant, High Quality Clean Tasting Wine.