Add bentonite
Insert bottling tap plug 
Add bentonite
Transfer wine kit (clear box to demonstrate)
Transfer the wine kit into the UWinemaker  using the UWinemaker  auto transfer syphon   (clear box to demonstrate)
Add quality tap or bought water
With the UWinemaker on its front raised tilted position add quality tap or bought water
Optional ingredients such as grape skins and oak
Optional ingredients such as grape skins and oak are added
UWinemaker - Rock N Roll Wine Making
to mix
Yeast initiates fermentation
Yeast initiates fermentation
Heavier fermentation CO2 gas fills the cavity space providing the wine with a CO2 friendly, Air-Oxygen free cavity space 

STEP 2 – Rock’n’Roll (DAY 14)

Day 14 - Fermentation complete
Fermentation is complete
Evaluate dryness
Using the sampling tube retrieve some wine  and  evaluate dryness
Stabilizers and 2 Super-Kleer
Stabilizers and
clearing agents
Individually add and mix stabilizers / 2 Super-Kleer
Individually add
and individually mix stabilizers and clearing agents
UWinemaker - Rock N Roll Wine Making
Rock’n’Roll 1-3-1
Agitation and splashing is created within the cavity space to mix and effectively degas the absorbed fermentation CO2 gas out of the body of the wine.
Leave, rest and clear
 Degassed CO2 is vented out of and retained within the cavity space by the airlock maintaining a CO2 filled , Air-Oxygen free cavity space.
The wine is left to rest and clear


U Winemaker front elevated resting position
UWinemaker on its front raised  tilted resting position
Sediment is drawn back
Sediment is drawn to the back of the UWinemaker during resting and clearing 
Day 24 - Remove bottling tap plug
Day 24 
Remove the bottling tap plug and lower the UWinemaker
U Winemaker lowered bottling position
Day 24 
UWinemaker on its lower ledge bottling position
Day 28 - Evaluate clarity
Day 28 
Sample wine to clear the tap of sediment, then evaluate  the wine’s clarity
Bottle wine
Day 28
Easily Bottle  High Quality Clean Tasting Wine
Enjoy !