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The Future of Winemaking

Rock and Roll Wine Making 2022

The UWinemaker is the easiest way to make wine in 2022 with it’s so easy to use  inovative     Rock and Roll Wine Making . The UWinemaker will keep you eager to make brilliant commercial quality, clean, outstanding wines, for $3 to $5 a bottle.


The UWinemaker’s Innovative Rock and Roll Single Stage Method  streamlines the entire wine making process. 90% of the Hard Work Gone Forever.

Push the Easy Button:

No Carboy

No Pail

No heavy lifting,

No siphoning,

No power degassing,

No filtering,

No mess,

From the Tap, No Fuss Bottling.

Yes, Wine Making for Everyone!

Award Winning Results

The UWinemaker innovative Single Stage Process maintains the ideal 100% Oxygen free environment and creates award winning results.

UWinemaker Winemakers win 3  Gold Medals.

3 Gold Medal Winners
at the Worlds
WineMaker International
Amateur Wine Competitions.

For Everyone

Easy and friendly for anyone to start and the experienced to enjoy. The process is simple, place the UWinemaker on the counter, combine wine kit ingredients, apply a  Rock and Roll motion as required. Then leave the UWinemaker on your counter, quietly, making your favorite 30 bottles of wine, for a fraction of the store- bought -price.

UWinemaker’s inovative Rock and Roll, mixing, degassing, and clearing makes most 4 to 8 weeks wine kits in  4 weeks.

The Best Way to MAKE WINE in 2022

Say Goodbye to the Pail and Carboy.    Get your UWinemaker Today.