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“Rock and Roll” Wine Making

What Wine Industry Professionals Once Said was Impossible…
Is now the Breakthrough that Wine Makers are Saying is “a must-have product!”

Attention: Home Wine Makers! Get ready to elevate your winemaking game with today’s remarkable UWinemaker ™ – the number one recommended wine making solution that guarantees exceptional quality wine with less work, less time, and less space requirements. Say goodbye to the old Pail and Carboy! Our innovative, easy-to-use wine maker creates superior quality wine that is ready in about 28 days . No more: heavy-lifting, siphoning, filtering, clutter and messy cleanups. Simply grab your favorite wine kits and enjoy making wine at home with our award winning, “no hassle” fermentation system!

Home Wine Making Today

The easiest, simplest and best wine you will ever make.
"The Smartest Money You Will Ever Save"
The Future of Winemaking – You won’t believe just how easy it is!

UWinemaker - The Amazing, All-In-One, "ROCK and ROLL" Fermenter

UWinemaker - Home Wine Making System
UWinemaker - ”Rock and Roll” Home Wine Making system. Easy and Convenient!
UWinemaker - Single Stage Home Wine Maker - Bottling Day
Single Stage Home Wine Maker – means less mess and clean up. Bottle right from the tap.
UWinemaker Home Winemaker - Better Quality Wine in Less Time
Best Winemaker to enjoy Crystal-Clear, store-bought quality wine – for less $$$

Wine Making has Changed for the Better

UWinemaker has pushed the boundaries from “Old-World” winemaking methods (that are traditionally complicated, heavy, labour intensive, and messy) to the “New-World”, single-stage technology that allows you to easily “Rock and Roll” brilliant, clean tasting wine right in the comfort of your own home! There has never been a simpler, more convenient home wine making system that rivals the quality of store-bought varieties.

Save Money

If you are looking for the absolute best way to make Great Wine and save Serious Money – You Have Found It! The UWinemaker makes store-bought quality wine for a fraction of the taxed, store-bought price. Actual price per bottle can be as low as $3 for standard wine kits – but may vary depending on the quality of the kit you are fermenting.

Skip the Liquor Store

With our innovative system, you can produce premium quality wine in the comfort of your home that rivals the brilliance and taste of store-bought product. Save Time, Save Gas, and Save Money!

Cutting-Edge Wine Maker Crafts High Quality Wines

UWinemaker’s superior fermentation process makes wine in a 100% Oxygen Free environment. Friendly CO2 gas fills the container, providing a self-maintained, absolute clean, wine making environment for optimized fermentation and better-quality wine.
No More “home-made” taste!

Award Winning Wines:

UWinemaker crafted wines have won several awards (including 3 gold medals) at the World WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competitions. You don’t need to enter your creations in any international competitions, but it’s nice to know that you could!

You will be proud to enjoy – and serve – award-winning wines that can satisfy even the most sophisticated of palates.

Engineered for QUALITY and CONVENIENCE

Old-World Winemaking can seem daunting and tedious to non-professionals who may be unfamiliar with all the equipment and complicated procedures that require a longer commitment and responsibility to ensure all the steps are performed in the correct order and at the right time.

UWinemaker's Simplified Process:

UWinemaker’s single stage, all-in-one winemaker eliminates the need for additional complex equipment. It streamlines the fermentation procedure and removes 80% of the work compared to using traditional methods.
Tasks like heavy lifting, messy transfers, siphoning, and filtering are now a thing of the past. Simply follow UWinemaker’s easy-to-understand instructions and you soon can be enjoying beautiful wine that will rival even your own expectations.

Less Time:

All Red, White, and Rose’ wine kits (4, 5, 6, or 8 week) can be made and bottled in 28 days.
Traditional winemaking methods and aging can take several months before the batch is ready to be consumed. With the UWinemaker’s Oxygen Free, Absolute Clean fermentation process, wine makers can enjoy their wine in considerably less time.

Less Mess:

UWinemaker’s innovative, “Rock and Roll” winemaker has stream-lined the fermentation process!
UWinemaker - enjoy making wine at home the easy way
Our single stage UWinemaker means:
  • NO Pail and Carboy
  • NO Heavy Lifting
  • NO Syphoning
  • NO Power Degassing
  • NO filtering
  • NO Clutter
  • NO Mess
  • And, most importantly…
    NO Homemade Taste!
Once the winemaking process is complete, simply tap the wine into your bottles.

Less Clutter and Space:

Our innovative, all-in-one fermenter requires NO Other Equipment! You can make wine on almost any level, flat surface – requiring only 3 feet of space. Its sleek, compact, and attractive design eliminates the need to hide the fermenter – allowing you to proudly place your UWinemaker on the kitchen counter.

Home Winemaking: Now Available to Everyone

Making wine at home has never been easier!
The UWinemaker’s all-in-one system eliminates the need for heavy lifting and reduces 80% of the work of Old-World methods. Our innovative, single-stage fermentation procedure requires NO Other Equipment, which eliminates the need for a messy, equipment filled basement environment. Whether you are a Beginner or a Wine Enthusiast – Winemaking at home is now Easy, Convenient, and Accessible to everyone.

Streamlined Fermentation Process - Efficient and Easy!

1 The cavity space fills with CO2 (heavier fermentation gas)
2 This mixes the stabilizers, clearing agents, and most importantly degases the CO2 out of the body of the wine
3 This allows the wine to clear in an Oxygen Free environment.
Once complete, simply Bottle and enjoy!
So easy!

This procedure Works well for all 4-, 5-, 6-, and 8-week Wine Kits!

Read More Here: How it works!

Which Wine Kit to Choose?

Today, retail wines kits have the potential to taste store bought if made using UWinemaker’s Oxygen Free, Absolute Clean Wine Making process. The best wine kits make the best wine and cost only $2 to $3 a bottle more than the less expensive, smaller kits. Better quality wine kits offer more grape juice, less concentrates which delivers fuller flavors, esters and more body that make your wines more exciting.

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