UWinemaker - Easiest and Best Home Winemaking Equipment

UWinemaker Best Home Wine Maker - the Easiest Wine Making Equipment

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Winemakers love the UWinemaker.
The Easiest and Best home wine making fermenter!
No lifting, racking, filtering, No Mess!

UWinemaker™ is the ultimate solution for the home wine maker to make wine. UWinemaker’s innovative, Rock and Roll method optimizes every step of the winemaking process to deliver 100% oxygen-free, and absolutely clean, professional quality wine with minimal work, time, and space. Our easy-to-use UWinemaker makes 30 bottles of amazing wine using the standard 4, 5, 6, and 8-week wine kits (23L / 6 gallons US) – ready in 28 days. Say goodbye to heavy lifting, siphoning, filtering, and messy cleanups. Simply grab your favorite wine kit and start your wine making today in the comfort and convenience of your own home with our award-winning system. Enjoy every bottle you open!

What Wine Industry Professionals Once Said was Impossible…
Is what Wine Makers everywhere are Saying is “a must-have product!”

Home Wine Making Today

The easiest and best winemaking equipment.
Uwinemaker - the social home winemaker

The Cost of Living Challenge

30 Bottles
UWinemaker - The Future of Home Wine-Making
From the Tap

“If you are looking for the easiest and best way in the world to make professional quality tax free wine and save serious money…

You have just found It!”

Uwinemaker - Make Wine at Home


UWinemaker ™, is the solution for the entire wine making community. Truly the game-changer, the only way to make wine for both the beginner and the experienced  home winemaker.

It’s light weight, compact, true all-in-one design simplifies the traditional heavy old pail and carboy complexities. UWinemaker streamlines winemaking into a Rock and Roll, single stage, fun and easy way to make wine at home.

UWinemakers patented Rock and Roll technology, ensures a  100% oxygen-free, absolutely clean enclosed fermentation process that delivers professional quality wine.
Quality and consistency matters!


The UWinemaker™ is not only a fantastic way to explore winemaking on your own, but it also opens doors for friends to socialize and share the fruits of their labor.
Considering that the average store-bought price for a bottle of wine costs from the upper $20s to $30s today, being able to easily make your own 30 bottles of amazing wine for $3 to $5 a bottle, not only allows you save up to $750 with each batch made, it also opens up other opportunities to enjoy without breaking the bank. The combination of friendship and opportunity makes home wine making a smart choice.

Engineered for Convenience & Quality

Make it EASY

UWinemaker’s attractive, true all-in-one design fits easily on your kitchen counter, making it convenient for those with limited space. Our Rock and Roll wine making process eliminates oxygen bruised, old pail, and carboy issues, and ensures top quality wine. UWinemaker’s modern 100% oxygen free, absolute clean fermentation is a significant innovative advantage.

Step1 - Day 1:

Select the wine kit of your choice, place the UWinemaker on your counter, combine wine kit ingredients, apply a simple Rock and Roll motion to the UWinemaker to mix. Sprinkle in the yeast to initiate fermentation.
The upper cavity space accommodates the fermentation foam, heavier wine friendly fermentation CO2 gas purges the cavity space of ambient air/oxygen. The now CO2 filled cavity space acts as a barrier preventing the wine from oxidization bruising throughout the entire wine making process.

Step 2 - Day 14:

Fermentation is complete, a Rock and Roll motion is applied to the UWinemaker, creating sufficient agitation, and splashing within the wine friendly CO2 gas filled cavity space to safely mix fermentation stabilizers, clearing agents and most importantly degas the wine. The CO2 gas remains in the cavity space and continues to protect the wine from oxidization bruising as the wine undergoes its final clearing.
UWinemaker’s slightly tilted design draws the wines sediment to the back of the fermenter during clearing for easy crystal-clear bottling.

Step 3 - Day 28:

Wine is now crystal clear and easily bottled directly from the tap.

That Easy

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The All-in-One Wine Maker

  • NO heavy pail
  • NO heavy carboy
  • NO heavy lifting
  • NO power degassing
  • NO oxydizing, syphoning, filtering
  • NO messy cleanups
  • Bottled Directly from the tap
UWinemaker - Single Container Home Wine Making Equipment

Make it Easy


UWinemaker’s winemakers have entered their own home made wines and have earned multiple gold medals in international wine tasting competitions, a strong endorsement of its capability to produce top quality wine in the eyes of experts.

Less Time to Make - More Time to ENJOY

UWinemaker ™ home winemaking Rock and Roll method allows all Red, White, and rose’ wine kits to be made and ready for bottling in just 28 days.

Our ROCK and ROLL method, not only ensures your wine kit produces consistent flavor and quality, the elimination of oxidization bruising, and winemaking process contamination also accelerates the maturing flavor profiles, aromas, and complexities, resulting in wines that can be enjoyed sooner.

UWinemaker Claims

The MAKE IT EASY convenience aspects are appealing factors to wine makers. However, the true measure of success lies in UWinemaker’s ability to consistently deliver on taste and quality that stands your home made wine proudly alongside its commercial store bought counterparts.

How Good is the UWinemaker?

“This product is fantastic. We have taken the past 6 months to thoroughly test the UWinemaker product on wine, beer and ciders. We have to say in our opinion and over 17 years of experience in the ubrew/home brewing supplies industry, we think it is one of the best pieces of brewing equipment on the market. Easy to use, from beginning to bottling. It brought out the best flavour profiles even in the lower cost wine kits, exceptional table wines, indeed.”

Brewers Corner, Nanaimo

“If you are looking for the easiest and best way in the world to make professional quality tax free wine and save serious money…

You have just found It!”