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What Wine Industry Professionals Said Was Impossible…
Is Now What Wine Makers Are Saying Is “a must-have product!”

“The Smartest Money You Will Ever Spend”

The Future of Winemaking

Rock and Roll

The State-of-the-Art Rock and Roll UWinemaker allows you to take advantage to easily make wine in the comforts of your own home, save money, focus more on enjoying wine,  afford to focus more on enjoying other great things in life. The UWinemaker is the easiest way to make serious, commercial quality, clean tasting wine.  It’s your turn to enjoy tax free, brew fee free wine for a small fraction of the store-bought price.


The UWinemakers Innovative larger in volume than the wine being made, compact Rock and Roll  Single Stage Technology streamlines the entire wine making process. The  light weight, all-in-one, single stage, attractive, modern. countertop fermenter is convenient in suburban homes and urban apartments. 

Keep it Simple

No Carboy,

No Pail,

No Heavy lifting,

No Siphoning,

No Power degassing,

No Filtering,

No Repetitive Sanitizing – Cleaning – Mess,

Right From the Tap  Bottling,

No Home Made Taste,

So Easy, So Good, Brew fee free.


The UWinemaker innovative Rock and Roll Single Stage Technology maintains the perfect fermentation CO2 filled, 100% Oxygen free, Absolute clean, Cavity Space to produce Brillant, Clean tasting, Award winning wine.

UWinemaker Winemakers win 3  Gold Medals.

3 Gold Medal Winners
at the Worlds
WineMaker International
Amateur Wine Competitions.

For Everyone

Easy, Friendly and Accessible. UWinemaker does not discriminate on physical strength.  Everyone can start, the experienced can enjoy. The process is so simple, place the UWinemaker on the counter, combine ingredients, apply a  Rock and Roll motion to the UWinemaker to mix. Pitch the Yeast. Fermentation starts. The Cavity Space accommodates the fermentation foam, the heavier wine friendly fermentation CO2 gas fills the Cavity Space. Once fermentation is complete  The Oxygen Free Cavity space allows for a safe simple applied  Rock and Roll motion to the UWinemaker capable of creating adequate agitation and splashing to safely mix stabilizers, clearing agents, degas the wine, the CO2 gas further protects the wine from oxidization during the final clearing. Bottling the wine is also easy, right from the tap.  A process 1 man, 1 kitchen, 1 leg could do and make it look easy.  

Wine Making Has Changed

 UWinemaker makes  4 to 8 week wines in 4 weeks.

Say Goodbye  Faulty Archaic Pail and Carboy and the “Home Made Taste”. 

 Get your UWinemaker Today.