Q: Can 4, 5, 6 and 8 week Red, White and Rose’ wine kits be made in 28 days?

A: Yes

  • Once the fermentation is complete, generally well within 14 days, stabilization and clearing can commence. UWinemaker’s clearing method successfully clears wine within next 14 days. Verifying dryness and clarity is part of the process.

  • It is perfectly fine for those that like to leave their wine longer during clearing.

  • Wine kits are made from blends of fruit juice, juice concentrate and sugar. Premium wine kits are composed mostly from juice. Smaller wine kits are composed from concentrate and sugar. They are similar in the amount of time to ferment and clear.


Q: Can Specialty Ports, Mist and Ice style wines be made in the UWinemaker.

A: Yes

  • Specialty wine selections such as Ports, Mist and Ice styles contain high volumes of residual sugar that create a light lofty sediment and they require more time clearing to develop a firm bottom sediment.
  • These wines are allowed two additional weeks clearing prior to bottling. They are made in 42 days.